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A+ Certified Service for all WINDOWS® and APPLE® Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Tablets, iPhones, iPods, Network Devices, Internal & External Drives
ON-SITE "At Your Door" Services and
SECURE Online Services via Internet

A l w a y s  F R E E  D i a g n o s i s !
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We have offered our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee since we first started Happy Computing September 2008. Hundreds of Happy Customers later, we still confidently offer the same to you. Click the image to read our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
We accept debit and credit cards, local and Traveller's cheques and PayPal®
We accept debit and credit cards, local and Traveller's checks, and PayPal®.

Always FREE Diagnosis

Secure Remote On-Line Diagnosis via Internet
and On-Site At-Your-Door Diagnosis

Our Free Diagnosis is for 30 minutes during which time we will thoroughly examine your computer systems to determine what it will take to repair, service, or upgrade it to meet your desired outcome.   Our A+ Certification enables equipment diagnosis and /or service without voiding the warranty.

If after 30 minutes no diagnosis has been determined, you have the option of further diagnosis off-site in our clean room shop. Once we have completed our diagnosis, we will contact you with our findings. No work will commence without your approval.

No Internet Connection?
If you are unable to connect to the Internet,  or just prefer to have us come to you, On-Site Diagnosis is available (up to two pieces of equipment). There is no charge for the diagnosis, and no Trip Fee charge if the equipment is located within the city limits of Rogue River/Wimer, Oregon.  All other locations will be charged a minimal Trip Fee, which is listed on our "Pick-Up & Delivery" page.

Our Services



Utilzing the telephone and a secure password protected active Internet connection, we are able to see your computer desktop and into the Computer's Operating System to diagnose, repair, or upgrade as required.  

Internet Services:
Virus/Malware Removal
OS Updates & Upgrades
Email Setup/Support
Software Install/Setup
Microsoft Office Support
Printer/Scanner Support
Printer Driver Repair
Internet Security 
Wireless Security
Password Recovery
iPhone Support
iPad, iPod, MP3 Support
Quickbooks Support
Skype Support

Please see our "Terms of Service" for our Remote On-Line Service customer requirements and Cancellation Policy.

Hardware Repairs


In-Shop Hardware Services includes Repairs and Upgrades.
Does not include parts. 

Data Recovery 1-20+ GB
LED/LCD Screen Repair
Printer Repair
Hard Drive Repair
BIOS Repair
Motherboard Repair
CD/DVD Repair
Keyboard Repair
DC Jack Repair
Digital Camera Support
WiFi/Internet Repair
Networking Device
PC Tune Up
Restore to Factory

Hard Drive Upgrade
RAM Upgrade
CD/DVD Drive Upgrade
Printer Upgrade/Install
WiFi/Internet Upgrade
Networking Device

General Services:
New Computer Set-Up Cleaning: Internal &
Manual Data Backup
PC to PC File/Data

Please see our Hardware Services page here for full details.



These services include
all services listed for Remote Online Services, and In-Shop Hardware Repair Services (does not include parts).

Additional On-Site Services:
Wireless Security Config
Digital Camera Support 
Cleaning: Internal &
Manual Data Backup
PC to PC File/Data
New Computer Set-Up Network Device Set-Up
Install Data Backup
Install Uninterruptible
      Power Supply (UPS) 

Please see our "Terms of Service" for our "On-Site Service" customer requirements and Cancellation Policy.



From the start we have provided IT/Computer Service and Repair for Rogue Valley business clients.

The heart of our Commerial Services is our Managed Service Plans (MSP's), designed to take chore of computer maintenance off the daily "to do list", while providing cost-effective industry standard solutions to software updates, data storage, back-up, and Internet security.

In addition to our MSP's, we also offer Same Day Emergency Services. 

All our Services are backed by our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee coupled with our old-fashioned 24/7 365 Telephone Support.

Full details about all our MSP's and Commerical Services can be found here on our Commercial page.


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HAPPY Client Feedback