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In Phase I Reopening, we are offering Remote Services via Internet and Telephone along with Drop-Off and Pick Up Hardware Services. We hope to offer On-Site Services in Phase II.

IT/Computer Services for Commercial Businesses

From the start we have provided IT/Computer Service and Repair for Rogue Valley business clients.  The heart of our Commerial Services is our Managed Service Plans (MSP's), designed to take chore of computer maintenance off the daily "to do list", while providing cost-effective industry standard solutions to software updates, data storage, back-up, and Internet security.  Another feature of our MSP's is that they come with SAME DAY EMERGENCY SERVICE.  

All our Services are backed by our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee coupled with our old-fashioned 24/7 365 Telephone Support. Even if it's New Year's Day, if you are a commercial business client, we will return your phone call at no charge.

Please give us a call today to hear about  our cost-effective plans tailor-made just for your unique business needs.  Full details about all our MSP's are just below.


Pick one or all four, depending upon your business needs.


•Safeguarding Data Managed Service

Keep your data secure through automated databack-ups, external hard-drives, and/or various cloud services. Based upon your business cycles and needs we can advise the best most cost effective solution to keep your data secure and easily retrievable. We will manage the project from inception through monthy or bi-monthly maintenance.


•Information Security Managed Service

Is your WiFi network secure? How up to date are your passwords? What preventative systems do you have that may be outdated? Is "cloud storage" a safe way to go? If you have a large client base you will certainly want to safeguard their and your data.

We can advise you as to industry best practices and configure your WiFi security, as well as your Routers, Modems, and Firewalls. We can also test for efficacy of current Password protection and update as needed, as well as implement and maintain Network Monitoring systems. Bi-monthly or monthly monitoring is recommended to ensure security.


•Software & Operating System Updates Managed Service

Quite often automatic installs of Operating System updates come with issues, such as conflicts with printer drivers and other peripherals. This managed service will circumvent those issues by monitoring the intalls and testing that all peripherals are online and functioning as they were before the updates. This service includes both Operating Systems (Windows® 7, 8, & 10 and Apple® Mac OS) and Software Applications installs and updates (MS Office®, Quickbooks®, etc.), software sourcing, and upgrades.


•Hardware Maintenance & Upgrades Managed Service

***This Service is available during Phase I Reopening via Drop-Off and Pick-Up ONLY. This service includes monitoring and testing of existing equipment, determining aging hardware and necessary upgrades via installation and/or repair, hardware sourcing when needed and networking maintenance.


•Same Day Emergency Services 

We offer:
• Same-Day Emergency Service via Internet Services
• Same-Day Emergency On-Site Services*
• Same-Day Emergency In-Shop Services

All our Same-Day Emergency services are included in our MSP's, at no additional cost. Without a MSP, they are billed at $120.00 Flat Fee, in addition to standard hourly rates for Services that provided.

*Please note that On-Site Services outside the city limits of Rogue River, will also be charged an "Out of Service Area Trip Fee". Click Here to see our Trip Fees.